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Why You Need Our Key West Cuban Coffee

Why You Need Our Key West Cuban Coffee

Fisherman's Cafe Key West Cuban Coffee Cuban culture is all over Key West, and perhaps our favorite thing about it is the Cuban Coffee! So next time you’re vacationing in paradise, visit Fisherman’s Cafe at the heart of the Historic Seaport for a cup of something awesome!

Because we’ve got the best beans

Here at Fisherman’s Cafe we serve Cuban style coffee, using Italian coffee beans. The Italian beans are a bit more expensive, but we like you guys so we don’t mind paying for excellent quality. These are the kinds of beans that are used in Europe and they’re known for being stronger, more potent, and more caffeinated. Exactly what you’re going to need while you’re in Key West!

Because it keeps you awake, obviously

Did we just catch you yawning?! There’s a rule here, you know? No yawning in Key West! It’s going to be a long day of exploring on the island, so if you’re already feeling tired by noon, come see us and we’ll help you with that! Some cafe con leche after lunch will give you life again, and you'll be ready for your next adventure!

Because no one likes a grouch

No one likes a grouch in the morning, but we happens sometimes when you haven’t had your coffee! Slightly hungover? Pull an all-nighter? You might need a whole colada all to yourself, but we’ll get some food and energy in your system allowing you to enjoy another day on this island paradise! Remember- the people you’re traveling with are stuck with you, so get your coffee ASAP and start being a nice human again!

Because you need energy for your Duval crawl

Planning a Duval crawl? We’re super excited for you! Want some advice, though? Don’t be the person who falls asleep halfway through bar #2. Nobody likes that guy! Instead, grab a cup of our Cuban coffee before you go and get yourself the energy you'll need to explore all of Key West’s famous Duval Street bars.

One word: Bucci!

Feel like taking shots but it’s only 7am? Swap the tequila for a nice Bucci! What the heck are we talking about? A Bucci is basically a super strong shot of espresso and you need it in your life right now. Bucci makes you go zing! - so come on by and find out what all the buzz is about!
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